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Playoffs are here, 2 awards announced

Updated: May 26, 2021

welcome back! today, I'm here to talk about the beginning games of the 2020-21 NBA playoffs so far, the two awards that have been announced by the NBA, and what's been going on around the league. also, make sure to visit Instagram @cricketnba for NBA content and news daily! lets begin.

Eastern Conference Playoffs:

Sixers vs Wizards

the Sixers Wizards series is only one game through, with game 2 being played tonight. not a very interesting series to say the least, but the first game started off with the Wizards having the early lead. then, the Sixers came to play. if I had to make a prediction for this series, I would say unfortunately Washington is getting swept. not really much else to say.

Nets vs Celtics

Another series that has been one-sided so far, is Brooklyn vs Boston. the Nets are up 2-0 so far against the Boston Celtics, and their core 3 have looked incredible. Jayson Tatum has struggled so far in this series, dropping 22 points on 30% shooting in game 1, and only 9 points in game 2. i also would put my money on the Nets to sweep this injured Celtics team.

Bucks vs Heat

The Milwaukee Bucks are up 2-0 on the Miami Heat so far in this series, and both the Miami Heat's best players, Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo, are struggling hard this series. if Miami comes out in game 3 and plays like how they've played so far, they definitely have no chance in beating this Bucks team. on the other hand, Giannis, Khris, and Jrue have all looked incredible, including a game winner from Middleton in game 1. My prediction for this series would be Milwaukee in 6.

Knicks vs Hawks

only one game through with this series, but a heck of a game it was. we saw spectacular performances from both sides, and it came down to the final buzzer. Trae young hit a shot in the lane to put his team up by 2, before turning and silencing the entire arena. I don't expect Julius Randle to struggle in game 2, like he did in that first game, and I actually expect him to have a great game. my prediction for this series would be Knicks in 7.

Western Conference Playoffs:

Jazz vs Grizzlies

A very surprising game one outcome, with Memphis taking home the dub to lead the series 1-0. now, with Donovan Mitchell back, I don't expect the Grizzlies to win another game this series, because the Jazz are just simply that good. A great game played by Memphis though, because even after beating Golden State, I expected them to come in this series and get swept. I guess you never know, but my final prediction for this series is going to be 4-1 in favor of the Utah Jazz.

Suns vs Lakers

With the series now tied 1-1, I believe that LA will win this series in 6, because the injury to Chris Paul sets the Suns back hard. Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton are playing amazing throughout these first 2 games, so keep a close eye on them in game 3. Anthony Davis had a bounce back game in game 2, after putting up only 13 points in game 1. With Lebron James, the way he is playing seems a bit more passive than usual, and that could be due to his injury, his age finally caught up with him, or any other reason. who really knows what. at the end of the day though, Lebron James is Lebron James, and he will do what he does best, and that's play the game of basketball.

Nuggets vs Blazers

The Nuggets Blazers series is tied 1-1, and both Damian Lillard and Nikola Jokic are going OFF. and i mean that. the injuries on Denver's side is the reason i think i would pick Portland to win this series, BUT, in 7. i think Nikola Jokic on your team is enough for anything to happen. Michael Porter Jr is also having himself a series, dropping 25 in game 1 and 18 in game 2. for the Blazers, I think what we need to see is their other scorers like CJ McCollum and Norman Powell to step up, and when Lillard is being double-teamed, be able to show the Nuggets that you cant just leave the rest of the team like that.

Clippers vs Mavericks

Dallas has taken a very surprising 2-0 lead in this series vs the LA Clippers, and Luka is just amazing at the game of basketball. when you watch this man play, its like he just sees the game differently than other players. his ability to score on one of the best wing defensive teams in the league, is amazing. with defenders like Kawhi, PG13, Marcus Morris Sr, and Patrick Beverley, and your still dropping 40+? that's ridiculous. Its not like Kawhi and Paul George are playing bad, either. actually, they're playing really good. their problem is tat they focus so much on Luka, its allowing guys like Porzingis and Brunson to get easy wide open shots or layups.

NBA Awards announced:

Most Improved Player

The NBA Most Improved Player of the Year award has been given to Julius Randle. Completely deserving of the award (and was my prediction to win it), as he went from a solid scoring 4, but now he has evolve his game to be a bonified all-star, all-NBA level player. has averages of 24 points, 10 rebounds, and 6 assists, while shooting over 45% from the field, and over 41% from 3. Congratulations to Julius Randle!

Sixth Man of the Year

The NBA Sixth Man of the Year award has been given to Jordan Clarkson. Also completely deserving of the award (and was also my pick to win it), as he put up around 18 points on 42% shooting. was the best player off the bench for the best team in the league, (record wise), so the award is his. Congratulations to Jordan Clarkson!

this has been the NBA news in the past 2 days. if you've enjoyed, please consider returning 3x a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) for more quality NBA content and news. Also, visit Instagram @cricketnba for more fast, reliable news and content daily.

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