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Play-in review

welcome back! Today, I’m going to review the play-in tournament, and talking about the outcomes and surprises. Also, if you haven’t already, go follow my instagram @cricketnba for some extra NBA content, news, and more!

Lakers vs Warriors

we saw the Lakers defeat golden state in one heck of a game last Wednesday. Possibly the game of the year. Incredible performances from both LeBron and Curry. We saw Draymond Green completely clamp up Anthony Davis in the first half, and LeBron didn’t have the greatest half either. they both did step up in the 2nd half though, including a game winner and triple doublefrom LeBron. Steph played his heart out, dropping a game high 37 points on 6 threes.

Grizzlies vs Spurs

The grizzlies beat the Spurs by only 4 points, in a game where Demar DeRozan shot just 5-21 from the field, and the Spurs just didn’t play a good game overall. The best player on the court this game was clearly Jonas Valanciunas, who dropped 23 points along with 23 rebounds, and also 3 blocks. overall, the Spurs haven’t really been playing well in the last few games of the season, so maybe it’s time to let demar go and start a rebuild.

Warriors vs Grizzlies

the grizzlies were able to take the golden state warriors down in overtime led by Ja Morants 35 points and game winner. Steph Curry dropped 39 and its actually insane he was able to drop that much, being double and triple teamed nearly every play. A complete shocker, because almost everyone thought the warriors would win this game and secure the 8th seed. The Warriors will be back next season though, with the splash brothers being re-united.

Celtics vs Wizards

The Boston Celtics were able to defeat the Washington Wizards in a blowout win (118-100) led by Jayson Tatums 50 piece. He knew that without Jaylen Brown, he would have to step up big time. Also a big game from Kemba Walker, who dropped 29 points. The Wizards were the favourites going into this game, due to the fact that Jaylen Brown wouldn’t be there. Both Westbrook and Beal played well, with Westbrook dropping 20 and 14 boards and Beal dropping 22. It just wasn’t enough to win the game.

Hornets vs Pacers

Another game where the favourites to win it lost, with the Indians Pacers beating Charlotte 144-117. Lamelo Ball didn’t have his best performance, with 14 points on 28% shooting from the field. I wouldn’t be too upset if I was a hornets fan, because this is a young team, with plenty of room to grow. As for the pacers, if they are gonna continue this streak of playoff contenders any longer then I don’t even know what to say. it’s most definitely time for a rebuild.

Pacers vs Wizards

the wizards blew out the pacers in an elimination game, showing that they’re serious about this post-season. Good games from both Bradley Beal and Russell Westbrook, which when that happens, the wizards are almost hard to beat. Sabonis for the pacers also had a good game, recording an 18 point triple double. This game was never really that close, and ultimately the wizards were never really gonna lose this game.

This has been my review of the first ever NBA play-in tournament. If you enjoyed, please consider leaving a like, and returning this Wednesday for a review on the first 2 games of each playoff series. Also, please visit instagram @cricketnba for fast NBA news and content.

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